UK to build stockpile of 80 trident nuclear warheads amid tension with Russia and China: growing tension with Russian-Chinese military, Britain will build 80 nuclear bombs

Strong points:

Britain will increase its nuclear weapons stockpile by 40%, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson can announce very soon, with this increase the number of British nuclear bombs will drop from 180 to 260.
Britain will increase its stockpile of nuclear weapons by 40%. British Prime Minister Boris Johnson could announce it very soon. With this, Britain’s process of moving gradually towards disarmament after the disintegration of the Soviet Union, will now come to an end. With this increase, the number of British atomic bombs will drop from 180 to 260.

According to the Guardian report, he received a confidential document reviewing Britain’s foreign and defense policy. After this policy, the path of Britain’s plan to buy 10 billion pounds of arms to deal with the threat from China and Russia will now be clear. Britain will increase its number of nuclear bombs as its tensions with Russia and China escalate.
Atomic bombs, tanks, fighter planes, drones … The British army will become a superpower at the cost of 14 crore lakh, plan ready
Terrorists can carry out a nuclear attack by 2030
This position paper warns that there is a real danger that terrorists could carry out chemical, biological, radiological or nuclear attacks by 2030. However, little evidence has been provided to support this claim. The 100-page document states that increasing the number of nuclear weapons is recognition of the rapidly changing security environment.

On the flip side, many disarmament advocates say that as the world tries to defeat the corona virus, Britain will start a new nuclear arms race. Let’s say Britain has started working on the plan to make its army more powerful under tension with China. In the times to come, the British Royal Army will dramatically increase its stockpile of nuclear weapons. Not only that, there are plans to include many new and deadly fighter jets in the British Air Force fleet.

Planning the Army’s Preparation for Future Wars
Apart from this, tanks, drones and rifles equipped with advanced technologies will also be purchased. The British government is expected to spend $ 200 billion (12 lakh crore rupees) to equip the army with new weapons. According to The Telegraph, all of this preparation is done with future wars in mind. Defense sources have reportedly said that many weapons already used to strengthen the army will also be withdrawn. They will be replaced by weapons with new and advanced capabilities.

There is a plan to spend more on this, especially given the strength of the drone during the war. An officer associated with the British Army said we are seeing drones in use everywhere. How to face it or how to make it our strength? We are working on it. According to the report, a high-level government source said that nowadays many enemy countries, ranging from terrorists, also have modern equipment and killer drones. Drone technology has spread rapidly and this is one of the main reasons for our concern.

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