UK vaccine covid 19 man of Indian descent: Hari Shukla of Indian descent in UK wins first to receive kovid-19 vaccine – man of Indian descent hari shukla first to get covid 19 vaccine in UK United

Hari Shukla, 87, of Indian descent in north-east England, will be among the first people in the world to receive the Kovid-19 vaccine. Shukla will be vaccinated in a Newcastle hospital developed by “Pfizer / Biontech”. Shukla, a resident of Tyne and Wear, said he felt it was his duty to receive the first two doses of his vaccine.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson called the moment a “ big step forward ” and referred to “ V-Day ” or “ Vaccine Day ” in Britain on Tuesday. Shukla said, “I am very happy that we are finally heading towards an end to this global epidemic and I am happy that by getting the vaccine, I am taking responsibility. I feel it is my duty and I will do my best to help. ”

Shukla said: ‘Due to my constant contact with the National Health Service (NHS) I know how hard they all worked and they all have great respect … They have a very big heart and global I am grateful for all they have done to protect us during the outbreak. Shukla was chosen based on criteria established by Britain’s Joint Committee on Immunization and Immunization.

Those most at risk, first vaccine
The vaccination will be done on the basis of those who are most at risk of dying from a deadly virus in Britain. First, the vaccine will be given to people aged 80 or over, including NHS staff, including health workers. Prime Minister Johnson said: “Today Britain took a big step forward in the fight against the corona virus because we will be sending vaccines across the country.” I am very proud of the scientists who developed the vaccine, the people who took part in the ‘trial’ and the NHS who worked hard day and night to develop it.

The prime minister also warned that widespread vaccination would take time and urged people to remain vigilant until then and follow lockdown rules, even in the cold months to come.

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