UK viral image: Britain Pothole Image Viral tweet thread: Britain’s pit photo tweet has gone viral

If you also think the roads in your city or state are the worst in the world, then maybe seeing a viral tweet might change your mind. A Twitter user shared a photo of a road in Britain showing only filled potholes. From there, we knew what the condition of the road must be and it had to be repaired over and over again. On this tweet, not just Great Britain, people from many parts of the world started sharing photos.

This photo was shared with a Twitter account named No Context Brits and captioned – “Only in Britain can such a road be seen”. So far, over 82,000 likes and 21,000 retweets have been recorded. And more people have posted pictures of roads from India to Pakistan, from Russia to Argentina.

An Indian user shared the photo and wrote that at least the potholes in the UK road have been filled. In India, potholes are opened and people and vehicles come out. A tempo was also filled in the pit. In a tweet, a pothole on the road to Nigeria was described as a map of the country. However, sharing the road to Arabia, one man showed how good they are.

Another photo that went viral in India showed a man walking the road in an astronaut uniform and comparing the road to the rough surface of another planet. Although this has become a funny trend in the condition of the roads, they also lead to a large number of accidents. It also puts people at risk of fatal injury.

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