UK welcomes religious diversity and inclusive tradition of India in parliamentary debate – India overshadows UK Parliament, Minister said – Religious diversity is for the world

The British government on Tuesday praised India’s religious diversity and the “ mixed texture of religious minorities with stable Hindu majorities ” during a discussion in the House of Commons. The discussion also highlighted the important work being done to promote interfaith dialogue between the UK and India to address common global challenges.

During the discussion on ‘India: oppression of minority groups’, Nigel Adams, Minister of Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office, assured members of the House that all the difficult questions and topics related to to human rights Is independently and openly raised to ministerial and advisor levels by Indian deputies.

He said that the secular constitution of India gives equal rights to all citizens. The Minister said: “All of us who have had the opportunity to visit India know how wonderful it is. It is one of the most religiously diverse countries in the world.

He said: ‘I can assure that the Minister of Foreign Affairs (Dominic Raab) during his visit to India in December raised many human rights issues with his Indian counterpart, including the situation in Kashmir and we hope the Indian government will resolve and protect the rights of people of all faiths. He will respect the Constitution of India and a proud inclusive tradition ”.

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