Ukrainian couple chained for 3 months to test their relationship: This couple will be held chained for three months, knowing the reason, they will greet each other

People often go out of their way to test the strength of their love, but a couple from Ukraine have adopted a very unique method for this, which is being discussed around the world. The Ukrainian couple decided to stay in chains for three months to test the strength of their love. Alexander and Victoria chained each other in front of the Unity Statue in Kiev, the capital of Ukraine, on Valentine’s Day. Not only that, this Alexander and Victoria “fire test” is also being watched. Let us know the whole question….

Alexander said, ‘we’re going to make the record’

Ukraine’s national registrar, Vitale Jorin, said Alexander and Victoria were just a few inches apart in their hands. Jorin has confirmed that Victoria and Alexander are fully prepared for this private lockdown during the Corona virus outbreak. On the other hand, Alexander, who launched this unique and very difficult challenge, said that we are going to make a record. He said: “There is a chain between me and my girlfriend and all the links are connected between us”. Alexander said: “The last link is related to the seal of the National Archives Register.”

Problem with the chained toilet

The couple’s first test, which followed suit, was a 325-mile taxi ride from the capital Kiev to their home. They had to choose to go to the toilet for the roadside toilet on the way. Alexander and Victoria chose the ladies’ toilet. Meanwhile, Kleiner was surprised to see them. Now nothing is “private” in their life and whatever they do, they do it together. However, this couple are very happy to remain in chains and continuously post videos and photos on social media.

From bathing to cleaning, this is how you manage

This couple is wearing specially designed clothes so that there is no problem due to the chain chains. This allowed her to put her clothes on and take them off very easily. We see in the video that they bathe together in the bathroom and put their clothes in the washing machine. Meanwhile, Alexander is also seen cleaning his shoes. A couple immersed in love, they are convinced that they will spend the next three months supporting each other in the same way. On the other hand, Jorin said that if the couple decide to go their separate ways for three months, they will only need emergency service specialists when the chain connecting the two is cut.

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