Ukrainian president afraid of Russian invasion: threat of ruckus from Russia, Ukrainian president wearing army uniform, president of the border – Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky visits his troops on the front line amid fear of the Russian invasion

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Jelensky, dressed in army uniform, reached the frontline and cheered on the troops after a war threat from pro-Vladimir Putin TV channel. Previously, the Russian TV channel threatened that Ukraine was just one step away from war. The Russian TV channel gave this threat at a time when Putin has deployed 80,000 soldiers and weapons of destruction on the Ukrainian border.

Russia has increased its tensions by deploying 80,000 troops with large-scale tanks, cannons, armed vehicles, raising fears that Putin is preparing to take control of Ukraine. Ukrainian President Spokesman Eulia Mendel said 40,000 troops from the country have been deployed to Crimea and another 40,000 have been deployed to Donbass.

Mendel said that in Donbass for several years, pro-Russian separatists have been fighting with Ukrainian government troops. In the midst of this tension, the Ukrainian president arrived in the Mariupol region, on the border with Russia. The Ukrainian president, dressed in an army uniform and a helmet, said he would not succumb to the threat. He said: “The soldiers must know that they have full political support.”

In 2014, there was a ceasefire between the two countries following Russia’s annexation of Crimea, but bombing has resumed in recent weeks. The Ukrainian military claims two of its soldiers were killed in clashes with pro-Russian separatists. The Ukrainian president said that there is any possibility of possession by Russia and our country is preparing to face it.

The President of Ukraine said: “They (the Russians) are ready, but we are also ready because we are on our own land and in our region.” Previously, Russian TV broadcaster Dmitry Kisdomev, who was said to have been very close to Putin, declared Ukraine a Nazi state. Dmitri had said that Russia could be forced to demolish Ukraine with the force of the Nazi regime.

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