UN calls for cessation of arms in Myanmar India refrains from vote on resolution

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United Nations General Assembly adopted resolution against Myanmar military government, condemning the military coup in the country and calling for an arms embargo, 35 countries, including India, did not participate vote on this resolution on Myanmar
In a rare gesture, the United Nations General Assembly condemned the military coup in the country by passing a resolution expressing widespread global protest against Myanmar’s military government. He also called for an arms embargo against Myanmar and demanded the restoration of a democratically elected government. However, 35 countries including India did not participate in the vote on these resolutions. India says the draft resolution does not reflect its views.

The United Nations General Assembly on Friday approved the draft resolution “Situation in Myanmar”. 119 countries voted in favor, while 36 countries, including neighboring Myanmar, India, Bangladesh, Bhutan, China, Nepal, Thailand and Laos did not take part in the vote. Belarus is the only country to vote against the resolution. The Permanent Representative of India to the United Nations, TS Tirumurti, said: “The draft resolution presented today to the United Nations General Assembly has been hastily presented without consulting neighboring and regional countries. This is not only unnecessary, but may also prove counterproductive to ASEAN’s efforts to find a solution to the current situation in Myanmar.

Calls for large-scale country participation
Explaining the decision not to participate in the voting process in the General Assembly Hall, Tirumurti said that being a close neighbor of Myanmar and a close friend of its people, India is there “with serious implications of ‘political instability’ and beyond Myanmar’s borders. of the possibility of its spread. India calls for large-scale participation of countries for peaceful resolution of all issues. Tirumurti said: “We have already taken such initiatives under the aegis of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN). Therefore, it becomes important that we support the efforts of ASEAN.

Tirumurti said: “Our views do not seem to be reflected in the draft proposal. The international community has been pushing for a peaceful resolution of the matter and we would like to reiterate the importance of taking a “consultative and constructive” approach to this resolution, involving Myanmar’s neighboring countries and the region. Tirumurti insisted: “He has not received support from neighboring countries and many countries in the region. Hopefully this fact will be an eye opener for those who chose to act in a rush.

He said India believes that accepting this resolution at this stage “is not conducive to our joint efforts to strengthen the democratic process in Myanmar”. That is why we do not get involved in this process. Supporters of the resolution expected the 193-member world body to unanimously approve it, but Belarus called for a vote. 119 countries voted in favor of the resolution, Belarus opposed it, while 36 countries including India, China and Russia did not participate.

This offer is not legally binding
The proposal is the result of lengthy negotiations between the European Union and the so-called “core group” of several West and Southeast Asian (ASEAN) countries, including Myanmar. A UN diplomat said an agreement had been reached with ASEAN for consensus on the resolution, but its member states did not appear to be unanimous in the vote. Some countries, including Indonesia and Vietnam, members of ASEAN, voted for and others, including Thailand and Laos, did not participate.

The resolution did not receive the expected support, but the action of the General Assembly condemned the February 1 military coup that ousted Aung San Suu Kyi’s party from power. Suu Kyi and many other leaders and government officials have been under house arrest since the coup, against which protests are taking place across the country. However, this offer is not legally binding.

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