UN offers aid to India against Covid-19: UN offers aid to India against Kovid

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In India, helping hands around the world are moving forward to tackle the increasingly serious corona virus. Meanwhile, the United Nations has also expressed serious concerns about the increase in cases of infection in India. Volcan Bojkir, president of the 75th General Assembly of the United Nations, even said that this country had given the vaccine to the whole world in difficult times. Now is the turn of the world to help India. In the meantime, the United Nations has offered as much aid as possible to India through its integrated supply chain.

UNGA President said: help transform the world now
UNGA President Volkan Bojkir tweeted that he was very concerned about the tragedy of the Corona outbreak in India. India has done a lot to deliver the vaccine to vulnerable countries in difficult times. Now is the time for the world to help and support India. No one will be safe until everyone is safe. My condolences to the Indians.

UN offers aid to India
A spokesperson for UN Secretary-General Antonio Gutarares said the United Nations has offered as much aid as possible through its integrated supply chain to India, which is fighting the rise in cases and the death of Kovid-19. Deputy spokesperson for United Nations Secretary-General Farhan Haque said United Nations officials were in contact with Indian officials about the situation in India.

United Nations in contact with India
Haq said that we are in contact at different levels. I know our chief of staff recently addressed the Permanent Representative of India here. Those responsible for our system are also in touch here in New York and on earth. The Chief Secretary to the Secretary-General of the United Nations, Maria Luezza Ribeiro Viotti, is in contact with the Permanent Representative of India to the UN TS Thirumurthy regarding the situation of Kovid-19 in India.

UN says – India grows stronger
He also mentioned that we have offered assistance from our integrated supply chain, if required, in the assistance provided by the United Nations. We have been told this is not necessary at this time as India has logically strengthened its system to deal with the situation, but we are firm in our offer and are ready to do whatever we can to help. .

Worried about the burden on India’s healthcare system
The United Nations is ensuring that its international and national staff are protected in India so that the Indian health system is not overburdened. Fortunately, there have been very few cases (of infection) among our staff. In such a situation, we believe we have succeeded in our effort and take care not to increase the pressure on the health system which is already facing the challenge.

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