UN report: UN report says al-Qaeda leader Aiman ​​al-Zawahiri is on Afghan-Pakistan border

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The UN has released a new report on terrorism in Afghanistan-Pakistan.
Concerns were expressed about Pakistan and Afghanistan in the report of the United Nations Counter-Terrorism Agency. It was said in this report that most of the die-hard terrorists of the Al-Qaeda terrorist organization live in the border area of ​​Afghanistan and Pakistan. Former al-Qaeda leader Ayman al-Zawahiri is also on the list of such terrorists. Zawahiri is believed to be alive and extremely weak.

These terrorists are hiding in Pakistan-Afghanistan
The report released on Friday indicates that Al Qaeda terrorists and other foreign extremists linked to the Taliban live in different parts of Afghanistan. Al-Qaeda terrorist Ayman Mohammed Rabi al-Zawahiri is believed to be hiding somewhere in the border region of Afghanistan and Pakistan. Previously, there had been reports of his death due to health issues, but this could not be confirmed.

Zawahiri alive, but very weak
According to the report, Zawahiri is alive but has become so weak that no one tells her about her. The name of the country was not mentioned in the report. Al-Qaeda is ruled by non-Afghans of origin and is made up of citizens from North Africa and countries in West Asia.

There is no consensus on the relations between the Taliban and al-Qaeda
The member states that prepared this UN report believe that there is currently no formal discussion between al-Qaeda and senior Taliban officials. At the same time, one member country said there was constant dialogue between the Taliban and al-Qaeda regarding the peace process.

These terrorists are residents of many countries
The report states that al Qaeda in the Indian subcontinent is active in the Afghan provinces of Kandahar, Helmand and Nimroj under Taliban support. Besides Afghan and Pakistani nationals, there are terrorists from Bangladesh, India and Myanmar in this group. The current leader of Al Qaeda in the Indian subcontinent is Osama Mahmood and has replaced Asim Omar.

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