UN Report: Women in Poor Countries Cannot Say No Sex, UN Report Says: UN Report Says Women in Developing Countries Cannot Deny Sex

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Women in developing countries have no freedom from sexual refusal, the report released by the United Nations Population Fund, the United Nations organization, published the issue of women’s freedom.
A UN report claimed that more than half of women in 57 developing countries around the world do not have the freedom to refuse sex with their partner. It also states that these women cannot even use contraceptives during sex or require health care. This report from the United Nations Population Fund indicates that these data cover about a quarter of the countries of the world, including more than half of the African continent.

Men using physical violence for sex
This report highlights the horrors of the physical condition of millions of women and girls, who cannot even claim their rights. In these countries, fear and physical violence are also used to form relationships with women. The United Nations Population Fund said that only 55 percent of girls and women in 57 countries are able to decide whether or not to have sex.

Violations of women’s human rights
These women are the only ones able to use contraception during sex with their partner and to seek health services for sex or pregnancy. Other than that, all the women are there, they don’t have that freedom. The Executive Director of the Fund, Dr. Natalia Kanem, said the denial of physical autonomy is a violation of the basic human rights of women and girls. It reinforces inequalities and violence resulting from gender discrimination.

Women have more rights in these areas than elsewhere
The United Nations Population Fund’s report is called My Body Is My Own. It says 76 percent of girls and women in East and Southeast Asia, Latin America and the Caribbean can decide for themselves about sex, contraception and health care. However, this figure is less than 50 percent in Africa, Central Asia and South Asia.

The condition of women is the worst in these three countries
This report also shows differences within regions. For example, in three African countries – Mali, Niger and Senegal, the situation of women is the worst. In these countries, only 10 percent of women can make decisions about sex for themselves. While in many other countries the number of such women is slightly higher.

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