UN threat to world peace: reemergence of ISIS threat to world peace and security: UN – United Nations says threat to global peace and security reappears

The United Nations
A senior UN official said the re-emergence of this terrorist group was a threat to international peace and security, even after the fall of the Islamic State (IS) in Iraq and Syria. Vladimir Voronkov, the head of the UN counterterrorism section, said on Wednesday that despite the competition in priorities due to the Kovid-19 outbreak, it was decisive for member states to focus and stay united in the stop terrorism.

Voronkov said: “However, ISIS has not created a targeted strategy to reorganize and strengthen its activities by taking advantage of the epidemic.” During a video conference, the UN official said the terrorist group had retained its ability to move and operate, including the activities it carried out along the border.

He said there were around 10,000 IS fighters, most of them in Iraq. They constitute a major and lasting threat to the world. He added: “They live in small cells hidden in the desert and in the countryside and cross the border between the two countries and attack.” The senior UN official also spoke of the precarious situation of women and children who have links with these terrorists. This includes women and children living in K al-Hol (the largest refugee camp in Syria).

The official said: “ Even after 2 years of defeat by ISIS in the territory, 27,500 foreign children are in camps in northeastern Syria. These are 8,000 children from around 60 countries outside Iraq. 90% of these children are under 12 years old. Voronkov also mentioned two suicide bombings committed by women in the Philippines last August.

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