Under what conditions will the mask be removed?


Posted: Wednesday June 23 2021 9:21 AM

Barely three days after Spain removed the mask in the open, there is still no official clarification on where and under what circumstances this protection against the coronavirus should be worn. Unknown, however, that the Health Ministry will close this afternoon, along with the Autonomous Communities, to the Interterritorial Health Council.

In this sense, as explained by the President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, we are already certain that the mask will continue to be compulsory in closed places. In other words, whether it is to enter a supermarket, bar or bank, for example, our protection (and that of others) against disease must continue to prevail.

A fact that the director of the Center for the Coordination of Health Alerts and Emergencies, Fernando Simón, has already underlined this week during a press conference, because, as he had foreseen, there will be “a series of conditions” in which the bond will be serviced.

Some specifications that will be dictated in a report

Concretely, the Head of Health, Carolina Darias, has already prepared the “Report on the criteria of flexibility in the use of masks”. A document in which, as usual in the face of any change in measures against COVID-19, the recommendations of the technical committee of the ministry, as well as representatives of the CCAA, were taken into consideration.

In addition, according to the EFE agency, it offers “very sober” measures, by which it is expected that the use of the mask is recommended even in certain situations that occur outdoors. However, as Simón himself explained, all of this regulation will, in turn, depend on legislative reform.

In this sense, the government will meet in an extraordinary Council of Ministers, which will be held tomorrow, Thursday, with which it will approve a royal decree which, after its approval within the BOE, will lead the Spanish regions to implement the change as of next Saturday.

To do this, it is also necessary to amend Law 2/2021, of March 29, which refers to urgent measures to deal with the COVID-19 crisis. In it, the compulsory use of masks on public roads, in outdoor and closed spaces for public use or open to the public, as well as in transport, was regulated for all persons over six years of age.

Some Autonomous Communities, reluctant to change

This modification, at the birth of the Council of Ministers, contrary to what happened with other flexibilities (for example after the fall of the state of alert) will not be made with the vote of the autonomous communities. A fact that has already aroused criticism from various regional leaders, such as Andalusia, Castilla y León or Madrid.

In this sense, the Junta de Andalucía, led by the popular Juanma Moreno, has already warned that it will continue to recommend the use of the mask outdoors even if it is not compulsory; probably “until August”. After all, this territory is the one with the highest incidence in all of Spain, with more than 170 cases per 100,000 inhabitants and with an occasional province, like Cordoba, at extreme risk.

Also, from Castilla y León, President Alfonso Fernández Mañueco launched the following message, clearly criticizing the adoption of this measure: “We all hope that the mask disappears from our lives, but with caution and according to scientific, not political criteria. “.

Along with this, it is a rejection that was also shared in the Community of Madrid, where the president, Isabel Díaz Ayuso, despite the acceptance of the measure, the doubt took the decision “thinking of the percentages , distances and vaccination “.

In any case, due to its approval by royal decree, the reality is that the mask will no longer be compulsory outdoors. However, as they warn from Santé, this does not mean that it is compulsory to withdraw it, but that it is simply left to the free choice of the citizens. For this reason, the main recommendation is to always have this protection at hand, so that, if we are facing a built-up area, for example, it can continue to protect us.

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