underground house: Spanish teenager spends six years digging in a garden and turns it into a house

A 14-year-old boy living in Spain built an underground house in the garden of the house after an argument with his parents. It took this kid about six years to build this house. After which Andres Canto, now 20, built a bedroom and living room 10 feet underground based on his hard work.

Anger erupted after an argument with the parents
Andres Canto said that at the age of 14 he had an argument with his parents over a minor issue. At such a young age, he couldn’t leave home and go elsewhere. So he stayed at home but to ease his frustration Andres grabbed Grandpa’s shovel and started attacking the garden with anger.

Underground staircase made to go to the house
At the age of 14, Andres began to dig a pit in the garden with a shovel on a daily basis. Within days it became his passion and six years later he built his own underground cave. Stairs were made by cutting mud to lead to the living room and bedroom, which are 10 feet underground.

Dig to keep calm
Now actor turned actor, Andres Canto said that when he lived in the Spanish town of La Romana, he didn’t know how the idea for this underground house came about. But, he used his time digging this pit to keep calm and busy. When he returned home in the evening after school, he spent his time digging holes in the garden.

Even trouble couldn’t break the courage
When this pit started to take shape, Andres’s friend Andreu brought a drill. With the advent of this machine, the excavation job has become even easier. After which both spent 14 hours a week digging this pit. He said he had to face such problems on several occasions, due to which he had to stop digging. Sometimes, after hours of digging, they had to retreat when a huge piece of stone stood in their way.

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