underlines its role in “the rupture of bipartisanship” or “the defense of Castilian”

Unión Progreso y Democracia (UPyD) officially announced its dissolution thirteen years after its founding. The formation decided not to appeal against the decision of the commercial court decreeing its liquidation, which de facto implies its dissolution.

A judge declared the party’s extinction as a legal entity due to its inability to meet a debt it owes a former training worker, who was also a Member of the European Parliament.

After failing to present an appeal, the UPyD said goodbye in a statement “recalling its role in the political transformation that Spain has undergone in recent years” and highlighted “three important contributions that constitute its political heritage “, like” the rupture of bipartisanship “. or “anticipating the current political agenda by bringing to the table issues such as judicial independence or the defense of Castilian”, among others.

In this sense, the party recalled its “political and judicial fight against corruption, through its parliamentary action and the multiple complaints it has carried out, highlighting the Bankia case”. The UPyD wanted this announcement to be made on Constitution Day “as a symbol of its raison d’être in favor of democratic regeneration”.

“The increasingly polarized and strident Spanish political situation has made it difficult to consolidate a progressive, transversal and moderate center which, however, has its own political space among the Spaniards,” argued the UPyD, who is committed to “seek new formulas allowing to become once again a useful tool for the society”.

The formation founded by Rosa Díez, among others, was currently led by Cristiano Brown, who was part of the voters’ lists of citizens in the last generals a year ago after an agreement between the two parties. In fact, Brown would be the next candidate to take a seat in Congress if there were any losses among representatives from Ciudadanos por Madrid.

Besides a few city councilors, the maximum public exhibitor of the UPyD is MEP Maite Pagazaurtundua, who is also in the European Parliament thanks to a pact in the last European elections with the party now led by Inés Arrimadas.

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