UNEI continues to consolidate and focus on difficult inclusion talents

UNEI, Andalusian company of European reference in terms of the employment of disabled people, closed the year 2020 by betting again on the quality of employment, by maintaining its average workforce throughout the year and by consolidating the jobs of 180 employees whose contracts are concluded to be indefinite. Despite the impact of the pandemic on the labor market and the strong temporality that characterizes market practices in a large part of the activities carried out by the UNEI, the company has maintained its commitment to the employment of the most vulnerable groups. more vulnerable, strengthening ties with its staff and ensuring the well-being of its workers.

Thus, in 2020, the company maintained its average workforce, recording up to 250 new hires throughout the year, an effort that consolidates it as a benchmark in the sector. Likewise, in order to guarantee the maximum qualification of its employees, the UNEI has provided more than 10,000 hours of training during the past year. Over 80% of the UNEI workforce is disabled, with 50% of the total workforce being people with disabilities resulting from mental health issues.

One of the areas of activity that has increased the most in terms of the average workforce in 2020 is social and health. In this field of activity, UNEI is a European reference, establishing itself as the leading company in Spain in the installation and maintenance of remote assistance equipment and infrastructures, with clients such as the Junta de Andaluca or the Red Cross, among other entities. The company is engaged in this sector of activity which requires highly qualified jobs and which is carried out, to a large extent, by people with severe disabilities. One of the objectives of the UNEI is to reverse the image of disability, by associating it with innovation.

Likewise, in 2020, UNEI began the digital transformation of its Smart Supply business line. UNEI offers the most advanced supply chain outsourcing services to the corporate market, maximizing efficiency and reducing the risk that investing in productive resources carries for any business. The possibility of handling and personalizing the product within the chain, value-added delivery (assembly, technical service, entering information, etc.) and the traceability of accessible and intelligent processes, are differential characteristics of the proposal. value from UNEI to its customers. , in addition to the social component that it contributes through its commitment to the disabled community.

Solidarity during the pandemic

The health emergency caused by Covid-19 also marked the year 2020 of the UNEI, allowing it to display its most united face. Thus, given its experience in the care of dependent groups, it made all its operational infrastructure available to Administrations and continued to provide home services during the first phase of the pandemic, also collaborating with the Andalusian Health Service in setting up rural hospitals and medical hotels.

Protecting its workers to avoid contagion has been a priority for the company, which is why it has made a big effort to apply new safety protocols, special plans and job adaptation, with measures such as the incorporation of transparent masks for employees who interact with deaf colleagues.

Likewise, UNEI has maintained its commitment to sustainability and respect for the environment, providing all its infrastructures with clean energy and renewing its fleet with hybrid vehicles.

Future plans

During the 2021 financial year, UNEI intends to consolidate its activity and its digital transformation, consolidating the growth of its Supply Chain line and offering new innovative solutions to the market that help the dependency group.

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