unemployment fell by 197,841 people in July, the largest monthly drop in history

Record for employment: Unemployment fell by 197,841 in July, largest monthly drop in history

In July, the number of unemployed in Spain stood at 197,841 (-5.47%), which is the largest monthly drop in the historical series: the biggest monthly drop in history.

According to data released on Tuesday by the Ministry of Labor and Social Economy, the drop in unemployment in July managed to exceed those recorded in May and June 2021, which also ended with record declines in unemployment. Figures that coincide with the onset of summer, the drop in restrictions derived from the coronavirus and, consequently, the resulting economic recovery.

After the data released today by the ministry, July thus adds to the downward trend in unemployment figures in our country and there are now five consecutive months of historical records of decline, where registered unemployment has already fallen. of 592,291 people.

Regarding the number of new contracts, these increased by 133,049 in the month of July alone, bringing the total number of people employed in seasonally adjusted data to 19,400,964 people, a new record up from that recorded in February 2020, the month before the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic.

July also brings positive data if we refer to the regulation on temporary employment files (ERTE) in Spain. Indeed, Social Security has registered 331,486 people taken care of, the lowest figure since the start of the crisis caused by COVID-19, if we compare it to the more than 3.6 million workers who came to sheltered by an ERTE in May 2020.

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