UNHRC farmers protest: India slammed HRC comments on farmers protest: India slammed UN Human Rights Council chief’s statement

Strong points:

India criticized HRC chief’s comments on peasant movement, Indian representative said – High Commissioner lacked fairness and neutrality in his statements, said Indramani Pandey – Indian government in talks with peasant agitators
India has communicated to the United Nations Human Rights Council in gestures regarding the unnecessary comments made about the peasant movement. At the 46th session of the Human Rights Council, the Permanent Representative of India, Indramani Pandey, said the Indian government had shown great respect for the farmers’ protests. The government is constantly engaged in talks to resolve their problems.

Highly communicated to the High Commissioner of the CHR
Indramani Pandey, while targeting HRC chief M Bachelet’s statement on the peasant movement, said fairness and neutrality should be hallmarks of any human rights assessment. We regret that these two elements are not included in the oral statement of High Commissioner Bachelet. He said the Indian government has set a goal of doubling farmers’ income by 2024. The purpose of enforcing the three agricultural laws is to enable farmers to determine the real price of their produce and to sell it. increase their income.

“ The law will benefit small farmers ”
He said that this law would particularly benefit small farmers and provide more options for farmers who opt for this law. He said the cause of the unprovoked violence on our Republic Day in the name of Farmers’ Rights has been clearly left out.

What did the UNHRC say
Let us know that in early February, the office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights called on the government and protesters to exercise extreme restraint. Regarding the restrictions imposed on the Internet at the time, the CHR had said that the right to peaceful assembly both offline and online must be protected.

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