unicef ​​and priyanka chopra ask g7 countries to donate covid 19 vaccines now: priyanka chopra appeals to g7 celebrities, give corona vaccine to poor countries

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United Nations UNICEF warns rich country group G7 over corona vaccine He said rich countries give the remaining corona dose to poor countries, otherwise they will be spoiled need Washington
The United Nations, UNICEF, has warned the G7, a group of rich countries, to donate their remaining doses of the corona virus to poor countries, otherwise the situation will worsen. The organization said a rapid supply of the corona virus vaccine is needed throughout the year because poor countries do not have enough resources to use all the vaccines at once. This UNICEF appeal was supported by many eminent personalities including Bollywood star Priyanka Chopra.

According to the BBC report, Britain and many other countries have pledged to donate their remaining corona virus vaccine, but have given no assurances on the supply of the corona virus vaccine soon. Stars like David Beckham, Priyanka Chopra wrote a letter asking G7 countries to donate 20% of the corona vaccine to poor countries by August.

Beckham said: “The epidemic will not go away until it is eradicated everywhere.” UNICEF Vaccine Officer Lily Karpani told the BBC that poor countries need to immunize their people at the same time as other countries around the world. He said that in one situation, without a doubt, even children under the age of 18 will need to be vaccinated.

Need to increase the production capacity of the Kovid vaccine: America
Meanwhile, US Secretary of State Tony Blinken has said there is a need to increase the production capacity of the Kovid-19 vaccine on a regional basis around the world. His statement came at a time when America is sending thousands of dollars worth of vaccines to many countries, including India. US President Joe Biden has announced that of the 25 million unused US vaccines in his Covid-19 vaccine stockpile, approximately 19 million or 75 percent of the doses will be available in South and Southeast Asia through the program. COVAX supported by the United Nations. and will allocate to African countries.

Blinken told the House Foreign Affairs Committee on the State Department’s 2022 Budget Proposals that three-quarters of the world’s population should be vaccinated as soon as possible. Blinken said in response to a question: “If we stay in the current situation, before allocating 80 million vaccines, before increasing production capacity in the world, not just in America, we will be able to vaccinate people in the whole world or at least the world 75% of the population will not be vaccinated by 2024. “We have to make sure that everything we send out of the country is safe and effective,” Blinken said.

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