Unidos Podemos calls on PSOE to comply with deal and reform electricity market after record rise in electricity

Publication: Wednesday, January 13, 2021 10:21

United We can start the year with a new issue of pressure on the table of the Council of Ministers: the electricity bill. Violets have found a new trump card in the electricity market and are demanding that their government partner already change the energy market to tackle record price hikes seen as snow and cold ‘Filomena’ hit the country. .

The coalition opens on a new front between the government partners, after the experiences related to evictions, to the increase in the inter-professional minimum wage, to the pension reform or to the reduction of supplies.

According to sources from United We Can a laSexta, the system of “marginalist auctions” developed by the government of José María Aznar is “flawed” because the final prices of electricity do not match the cost of its production.

Thus, Unidos Podemos refers to the coalition agreement signed with the PSOE, which envisages the modification of the system and, more precisely, the end of the “overpayment” that nuclear and hydroelectric plants receive on the wholesale market.

Create a public energy company

For those of Pablo Iglesias, these companies exploit “profits fallen from the sky”, since in their time of “costs of transition towards the competition” were recognized which allowed them to recover the initial investments. The goal of purple now is for these “perks” to serve to reduce the cost of the invoice.

This morning, the Minister of Equality and “number two” of Podemos, Irene Montero, insisted in “La Cafetera” of Radiocable that the government “must respond” to the rise in electricity and that the violets “will lead to the end of “the creation of a public energy company” to improve competition and protect the most vulnerable “.

As happened with the supply cuts to vulnerable families, all eyes are now on the Ministry of Ecological Transition, which is responsible for managing the energy market.

“Cyclical” increase

The socialist part of the government has insisted in recent days that the rise in the bill during the cold snap is “temporary”, since the perfect storm is occurring: high demand and low contribution of renewable sources to the system, precisely because weather conditions.

Sources from the fourth vice-presidency at LaSexta respond to their partners with the gains made over the past two and a half years since the PSOE came to power, in an effort “maintained” in a reformist agenda of the energy market: ‘elimination of the solar tax, promotion of self-consumption or the recent creation of a Sustainable Development Fund for the electricity system, which aims to reduce the electricity bill by 13% over the next five years. In other words, they reply to the violets that important changes are taking place in the market and that they are affecting the consumer.

From the Ministry of Ecological Transition, they affirm that they will continue to work to improve the functioning of the market and to protect consumers “within the European regulatory framework”.

“Very little will be noticed”

The Fourth Vice-President of the Government and Minister for the Ecological Transition and the Demographic Challenge, Teresa Ribera, recently assured that there was no need to worry about the increase in the price of electricity on the market of big because “very little will be noticed” the monthly electricity bill of families.

The average daily price of electricity in the wholesale market soared last Thursday amid the cold snap to 94.99 euros / megawatt hour (MWh), the second highest in history.

The Minister explained that this does not mean that the electricity bill will increase to the same extent, since the price of energy in the market is one of his variables and represents only 35%.

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