Unidos Podemos withdraws controversial anti-evictions amendment from own budgets

Posted: Tuesday, December 1, 2020 9:44 AM

United Podemos, ERC and EH Bildu withdrew the joint amendment they had submitted to the budgets to ban evictions until 2022, considering that an agreement was found within the government to promote this measure by a royal decree.

On Monday, the parliamentary group of the second vice-president of the government, Pablo Iglesias, negotiated until the last moment for ERC and EH Bildu to agree to withdraw the amendment, even if they had not reached an agreement , United We could withdraw his signing before this morning, the deadline was due.

The amendment, which remained in force after its passage in parliamentary committee, is finally withdrawn after the agreement reached last week between the president of the executive, Pedro Sánchez, and Iglesias to extend beyond January 31 the ban on expulsion by royal decree.

From the purple formation, they assure that it does not make sense to vote on this amendment, which would predictably show the division of the government, while the processing of a royal decree in which it is already working would be faster than by budgets.

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