unions denounce that the Clinic has received more doses than necessary

The controversy surrounding the vaccination of retirees at the clinical hospital of San Carlos continues to intensify: the unions denounce that the center has received between 2,000 and 3,000 doses when they only planned to vaccinate 1,000 people . According to laSexta, the sera they received were already thawed, but not prepared in vials.

The hospital admitted yesterday that it administered the vaccines to “several” retirees from the center who had not touched them, hiding behind the fact that they were volunteers who worked with COVID-19 patients. However, Cadena SER – who leaked the information – found that most of them were not and that the Clinic had ignored the protocol by vaccinating “all types of retirees who never volunteered” to the hospital, “so as not to throw away hundreds of vaccines.”

The workers’ representatives requested an urgent meeting with the manager to clarify who decided to send this amount of vaccine in addition to the necessary vaccines. There, they designate the Ministry of Health and Public Health, which would be responsible for sending these excess injections.

The call was made via WhatsApp and hundreds of retirees received the message, which appears as “bounced multiple times”: “Today and tomorrow they are vaccinating retired hospital staff. In the teaching pavilion” , says WhatsApp, inviting all class of retirees.

The PSOE deputy in the Madrid Assembly, José Ángel Gómez Chamorro, even contacted the hospital and recorded the conversation, to record the irregularity: “A WhatsApp reached me and I wanted to know if the people that we have being hospital workers, we could go to be vaccinated “, he explains in this appeal. The responding health worker confirms that he can come, morning or afternoon, to be vaccinated.

They thought it was “for all retirees”

San Carlos Hospital in Madrid admitted this Sunday that it had vaccinated against COVID-19 to “several” retirees of the center who should not have had to receive the injection, because their association understood that it was “for all retirees” and not just for the volunteers who serve in the hospital.

The Clinic assured in a press release that professionals are vaccinated according to the criteria to do it first to front-line professionals, but they understood that the protocol has been extended to all retired staff. He also added that they have started to vaccinate those who provide certain services in the hospital and who may have contact with patients, companions or professionals at the hospital. This is the case for students, contract workers and volunteers, such as the association of retired hospital volunteers, which provides support and information services to patients and companions, he said.

And he added that when the management of the hospital became aware of this circumstance, it had “stopped” the vaccination “of any person not belonging to the group of authorized professionals, reorganizing the flow of vaccination”.

The clinical hospital says it has already vaccinated 60% of its staff and hopes that all professionals will be vaccinated this next week from the first dose.

This is not the first case in which the COVID-19 vaccination protocol has been violated in the Community of Madrid. As revealed by ten days ago, a residence snuck into the relatives of the workers to provide them with the vaccine, which the Minister of Justice of the Community of Madrid, Enrique López, called ‘”anecdote” and, after noting that an investigation, assured that it was not taking place in any other center.

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