United Arab Emirates: Migrant workers will be able to change jobs in Saudi Arabia, millions of Indian workers will benefit – Saudi Arabia reforms labor laws, grants foreign workers exemption from kafala system

Saudi Arabia on Wednesday made a major decision regarding migrant workers from other countries. This decision will benefit the millions of Indian workers who work there. Under this, the ban for millions of those migrant workers who receive low wages for misconduct and exploitation of employers (owners or businesses) from being tied to the same employer will end.

A crore of migrant workers will be able to change jobs
Saudi Arabia’s Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development said that under the reforms, foreign workers were allowed to work from one place to another, quit their jobs, re-enter the country and to obtain a final withdrawal visa without the consent of their employer. will be given. The need for these reforms had long been felt.

The strict provisions of the Kafala system will end
Deputy Minister Abdullah bin Nasir Abuthanin said the so-called new labor relations initiative will be implemented in March 2021, affecting around a third of Saudi Arabia’s total population, or around one crore of foreign workers in the state. Human Rights Watch researcher Rothna Begum said the information suggests Saudi authorities are abandoning certain provisions of the Kafala system that prevails in many Gulf countries. This system legally binds foreign employees to their employers.

Qatar also amended labor laws
Qatar, which is preparing to host the FIFA World Cup in 2022, recently made similar changes to its labor laws. Begum said that three changes in Saudi law are very important and will improve the status of migrant workers, but at the same time he said that it appears that the Kafala system that sponsors workers’ visas has not been completely abolished. . . Begum said migrant workers still need an employer to come to the country to sponsor them and employers can still control where they live.

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