United States and Japan join Chakravyuh, Britain, France and Germany to encircle China – Japan and United States to strengthen defense ties with European countries in the Indo-Pacific against China

Strong points:

The United States-Japan, which is calling European countries like Great Britain, France and Germany to the South China Sea, will also deploy its aircraft carrier Queen Elizabeth, France, sending its aircraft carrier to the United States. United and Japan, to end China’s domination in the South China Sea.
The United States and Japan have come up with a new strategy to end China’s growing aggression in the South China Sea. The United States and Japan have invited powerful countries such as Britain, France, Germany and Italy to the South China Sea to end the Chinese movement at sea. At the same time, the China is also rapidly modernizing its army. Through which it wants to achieve its maritime and regional ambitions.

Warships sending Britain, France and Germany
In 2021, European countries are largely giving priority to the Indo-Pacific region in their strategic strategy. That is why, in the coming months, Britain will deploy the Queen Elizabeth aircraft carrier and its strike group to East Asia. At the same time, France will send its warship to Japan, while Germany will send a frigate.

Japan strengthens relations with Germany
The United States and Japan also want to join European countries to curb China. On December 15, Japanese Defense Minister Nobuo Kishi said in an online meeting with his German counterpart Anne Kramp-Karrenbauer that Japan has the potential to further develop defense cooperation with Europe. . What Kramp-Karrenbauer said to what happens in the Indo-Pacific also affects Germany and Europe. We want to cooperate in the protection of rules-based shipping in the Indo-Pacific.

China has fought with these countries in the South China Sea
China is continuously increasing its military activities in the South China Sea and the East China Sea. That is why it established its military bases on many uninhabited islands located in these two seas. China also has disputes with Brunei, Malaysia, the Philippines, Taiwan, and Vietnam over its growing appetite to grab land.

Germany also suspects China’s intention, says I can’t steal my eyes from the truth
Why Britain agreed to go to war on China
There is a fight between Hong Kong and Britain over Hong Kong. China forcefully imposed the National Security Law on Hong Kong in July. Since then, leaders and activists opposed to China or calling for democracy have been imprisoned in prison bars. Hong Kong was once a British colony ever since. Great Britain entrusted this colony to China under certain conditions. Britain also decided to deploy its Queen Elizabeth career strike group against China, when China began its arbitrary run in Hong Kong, scoffing at any terms and conditions.

Tension increased from China, Britain stepped into action, will send destroyer aircraft carrier “ Queen Elizabeth ” to Asia
The German warship will also patrol
Germany also plans to deploy its navy in the Indian Ocean and surrounding regions to curb China’s growing expansionism. Foreign Minister Annagret Kramp, who is considered the successor of German Chancellor Angela Merkel, said a few days ago that the Indo-Pacific region has become very important for the betterment of the world. We believe that Germany must strengthen its identity in the region. Known as the AKK, Annagret said Europe was fully informed by China’s economic agenda and geopolitical strategy last year. China is an important trading partner of Germany and we have strong economic relations with China, which is in the interests of both countries.

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