United States: BLM protesters and Trump supporters clash in front of White House

BLM protesters and supporters of Donald Trump clashed outside the President’s office at the White House amid the vote count in Washington, America. Large numbers of gun soldiers and police are stationed outside the White House in anticipation of election violence. Security personnel had to fight hard to stop the protesters. On the other hand, BLM protesters have warned that if Donald Trump is elected president again, he will continue to stage protests for several weeks to come. This clash of Trump supporters and opponents is becoming a problem for the police. We see in the skirmish video that the folks at Black Lives Matter and Trump supporters also got involved in a brawl. Thousands of protesters and Trump supporters gathered outside the White House. BLM protesters are said to have erupted when their opponents started shouting “All lives matter, white lives matter”. One person was beaten during the skirmish due to the tense standoff between protesters and police. Another video shows a man wearing a “Make America Great Again” shirt and making fun of the protesters. The slogans created a tense impasse between protesters and police. The police then withdrew from Black Lives Matter Square to keep the peace. BLM protesters have threatened to start an internal conflict around the White House if Trump is re-elected. Police have so far arrested three protesters. Police said a protester was not removing his car, after which he was arrested. Two other protesters were arrested following a clash with police. Security guards deployed to 16 US states have fully prepared to catch the BLM protesters. Let us know that due to the possibility of violence after the election results, the National Guard has been deployed to 16 states in America. Other than that, the police in Los Angeles and New York have been firmly prepared to deal with Anshati. Previously, many groups had gathered since Tuesday to organize protests.

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