United States China South China Sea: War exercises in China near Taiwan Simulation of an attack on an American aircraft carrier: China carries out an attack on American warships in Taiwan

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Amid Taiwanese tensions, China’s gaze on the United States has been aimed at a warship deployed in the South China Sea, including the warship USS Theodore Roosevelt, deployed by the Chinese fighter jet, which was attacked in the airspace of Taiwan.
The tension between the United States and China appears to be deepening. Chinese warships once again carried out a missile attack on the US aircraft carrier. The peculiarity is that China did this exercise amid reports of infiltration of Taiwan’s airspace. A US source told the Financial Times that the Chinese plane was just 250 nautical miles from the US aircraft carrier and accompanying warships.

China sent 15 fighter jets
Beijing claims Taiwan, which has led to a tense situation between the two countries. At the same time, Taiwan has received support from the United States, and in recent years the two countries have openly united against China. Chinese warships reportedly entered the Taiwan area on January 23 and 24. Previously, China had sent 11 planes, while the second time there were reports of 15 fighter planes.

China also sends 15 fighter jets after nuclear bombers on day two
Attack practice on an American warship
The USS Theodore Roosevelt of America is present in the same area around which is also an American war fleet. According to the Times, conversations of Chinese pilots as they entered Taiwan could be intercepted, in which they spoke of the practice of attacking a warship. China also issued a notice stating that it would wage war in this part of the South China Sea.

China to hold drills near Taiwan in South China Sea, tension with US escalates
Tension intensifies in the United States and China
After the incident, the US Department of Defense declared: “We call on Beijing to stop exerting military, diplomatic and economic pressure on Taiwan.” However, it did not help, and Chinese Defense Ministry spokesman Wu Qian warned against a formal war on independence in Taiwan.

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