United states ohio: China’s tension, America deploys its deadliest weapon in the South China Sea

Even after Donald Trump left the United States, there was no difference in policy towards China. Shortly after taking power, the new president, Joe Biden, heard China fiercely about its expansionist policies. In the South China Sea, which has become the center of the dispute with China, the US military’s offensive activities continue as before. Recently, two aircraft carriers, symbol of American power, carried out maneuvers in the South China Sea. Soon after, the United States deployed its largest nuclear submarine, the USS Ohio, near China. The submarine is deployed with long-range missiles, which can attack in any corner of the world. The USS Ohio could remain hidden underwater for a long time due to its nuclear power. In such a situation, China’s concerns have increased due to the arrival of this super powerful submarine in the South China Sea.

America directly challenges China

Experts said it was the deadliest US weapon deployed to date in the South China Sea. President Joe Biden displays America’s commitments to friendly countries by deploying these deadly weapons against China to its allies like Taiwan, India and Japan. With the exception of China, all the countries in the world are not only the South China Sea but also the entire Indo-Pacific region, supporting nine independent transports. At the same time, China claims 80% of the South China Sea. Two weeks ago, the United States deployed a guided missile destroyer in the Gulf of Taiwan. It was a direct message to China that it would continue to support its friendly country Taiwan under all circumstances. This is the reason why China, surrounded on all sides, is now obliged to keep the tone of dialogue. However, Dragon’s best effort is to impose its own desires on neighboring countries over the strength of the military.

How dangerous is the USS Ohio submarine

The USS Ohio nuclear powered guided missile submarine is one of the best weapons in the world in terms of size and strike. According to expert Siddharth Kaushal of the Royal United Services Institute in London, an American Ohio-class submarine can enter enemy territory and attack with troops and missiles. US Ohio-class submarines include the USS Michigan, USS Michigan, USS Florida, and USS Georgia. All of these submarines are equipped with deadly anti-ship missiles and also have the most modern technology to defend against enemy submarines. Nuclear submarines were previously equipped with nuclear submarines, but later they were replaced by other intercontinental ballistic missiles. A nuclear reactor has been installed to power the Ohio, which supplies power to its two turbines.

USS Ohio can stay hidden in the sea for a long time

The USS Ohio could remain underwater for several months if it did not have food for the Marines deployed in the submarine. It has its own oxygen generators, which produce oxygen for the Marines deployed in the submarine. Apart from that, due to the installation of nuclear reactors, they have an uninterrupted energy reserve. Whereas conventional submarines have an electric diesel engine. For this, they have to repeatedly come to the upper surface to take diesel and carry out repair work. If a submarine is hidden underwater, it is very difficult to find it. However, if this submarine only appears on the surface once for a certain job, it becomes easier for the enemy to detect and pursue it.

The USS Ohio is equipped with 154 Tomahawk missiles.

As large in size, the USS Ohio deploys 154 Tomahawk cruise missiles. This capability is double the number of missiles deployed in the US guided missile destroyer. Each Tomahawk missile is capable of carrying up to 1000 kg of highly explosive warheads. The missile deployed in the US military since 1983 has shown its strength in Syria, Libya, Iraq and Afghanistan. The Tomahawk Block-2 missile can reach 2,500 km. This missile is 5.5 meters long without a booster and 6.5 meters with a booster. The missile is currently deployed in the US and British Royal Navy. Taiwan has also linked up with the United States for the purchase of this missile.

Ohio-class submarines are an ocean of missiles

Each Ohio-class submarine also deploys 154 Tomahawk and anti-ship missiles. Carl Schuster, a former US Navy captain and currently a defense expert, said the Ohio-class submarine could fire all of its missiles in a very short period of time. These missiles are capable of destroying a large area in the blink of an eye. These missiles provide an advantage to the US Navy at sea, as no country can ignore 154 missiles simultaneously. The firepower of the Ohio-class submarines was seen by the world in 2011, when the USS Florida launched approximately 100 Tomahawk missiles against targets in Libya during Operation Odyssey Dawn. It was the first time in US history that a target had been attacked by a nuclear powered submarine.

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