United States on India-China tension: United States watches aggression on India-China border

Coleen Kaal, who appointed Joe Biden to the top Pentagon policy post in the US Department of Defense, has targeted aggression from China. He told MPs that the current tensions on the India-China border reflect China’s growing aggression and its anxious tendency to dominate the region and over US allies and partner countries. On the other hand, Deputy Secretary Ms. Kathleen Hicks said work is underway with the task force to address China’s challenge.

“ The aggression is worrying ”
In his statement to members of the Senate Armed Services Committee for the post of deputy defense policy minister, Kaal said the United States is committed to supporting its allies and partner countries. “The tensions along the Indochina border reflect China’s growing aggression in the region and its growing tendency to assert dominance, which is worrying,” Kaal said.

‘Work in a peaceful direction’
In a written response to questions posed during the hearing to confirm his name, Kaal said, “We will, however, stand by our allies and partner countries and support their efforts to reduce tensions.” If my name is confirmed, I will follow the situation closely and keep an eye on both sides for a peaceful resolution.

India, main defense partner
He said that over the past decade there has been an encouraging trend in Indo-American defense affairs, technology and if his name is confirmed he will work to pursue it. Besides, we will focus on big buying and high quality technology. Kaal said he would retain India’s “major defense aid” status.

Working group
Dr Hicks, for his part, held a meeting with the Defense Ministry’s China task force. The task force is expected to give a recommendation by June to meet China’s challenge. The focus will be on strength, technology, intelligence and partnerships.

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