United States on tensions between India and Pakistan: US intelligence report on Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Pakistan: US intelligence agency India Pakistan Narendra Modi responds to Pakistan’s instigation

Whether it’s tensions between India and Pakistan over terrorism or a border dispute with China, America is watching every situation closely. Now, a U.S. intelligence report mentions the two countries’ strained relations with India. He also indicates that in the event of tension between India and Pakistan, there is a greater possibility that India will take military action under the leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

The US intelligence community report indicates that now under the leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, India is more likely to give a military response to Pakistan’s provocation. He said the possibility of a war between the two countries is low, but the crisis could get even worse, which can also read the tension. The report describes the tensions between the nuclear powers as a matter of concern to the world.

China has been accused of using government tools to show power over its regional neighbors, including to claim Taiwan. At the same time, the Indochinese border dispute was also brought up. According to the report, “tensions have intensified along the India-China border, while some steps have been withdrawn this year.” It was the most serious situation in decades since the occupation of China in May 2020 and the deadliest clash since 1975 ”.

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