United States, Russia, China, tensions: tensions in Europe and America, the foreign ministers of China and Russia have demonstrated their unity

Chinese and Russian foreign ministers showed unity at Tuesday’s meeting amid restrictions and criticism from Western countries on human rights issues. Wang Yi and Sergey Lavrov rejected outside interference in their political system, saying they were working to make progress globally on issues ranging from climate change to the corona virus outbreak.

At Monday’s first meeting in Nanning, southern China, Wang and Lavrov accused the United States of interfering in the internal affairs of other countries. At the same time, he urged the United States to join the Iran nuclear deal. Significantly, Russia and China have close ties with Tehran.

Wang, at a press conference on Tuesday, sharply criticized the restrictions imposed on Chinese officials by the European Union, Britain, Canada and the United States. Wang criticized these countries for imposing sanctions over alleged human rights violations in China’s Xinjiang Province. “All countries must unite against unilateral sanctions,” he said. He said: “These measures are not acceptable to the international community.”

Let me tell you, Russia has now decided to team up with China to compete with America. The two countries have announced that they will jointly build a scientific research station on the moon. America is working on the Artemis mission to send humans to the moon again in 2024. On the other hand, Russia, which has long been a space partner with America, has now indicated the changing battlefield of space by supporting China.

What will work
China and Russia signed a memorandum in which the International Scientific Lunar Station would be built together. According to the Russian statement, this station will be a complex of experimental research facilities that will be on the lunar surface or in its orbit. It is designed to perform research in different ways and for different purposes.

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