United States Russia time difference: interesting fact about the time difference between the Diomedes Islands and the United States: time difference between the islands of Russia and America

Strong points:

The United States and Russia have two islands 3 miles apart from each other, both also have a 9pm race, and the international date line is going through the Cold War.
The two islands, Big Diomid and Little Diomid, are only three miles apart, but between them is an international date line crossing the Pacific Ocean. The larger island lives a day before the smaller island. The international date line is an imaginary line that runs from the North Pole to the South Pole. It is the border between one day and another day of the calendar.

For this reason, Big Diomid is also called Tomorrow and Little Diomid is also called Yesterday Island. These two are so close that they can be walked through when a snow bridge forms in winter. However, this is not legally allowed.

Between Russia and America

The two islands lie in the Bering Strait between Alaska and Siberia. The largest island is in the part of Russia and the smallest in the part of America. They are named after the Greek saint Diomidis. They were discovered on August 16, 1728 by the Danish-Russian navigator Vitis Bering. On this day, the Russian Orthodox Church celebrates the memory of the saint. Big Diomid is completely deserted while Little Diomid is home to 110 people.

The road between them is also called the Ice Curtain. However, this is not because of the temperature but because of the tension between the two countries during the Cold War. After the Cold War, Russia sent its people from here to Siberia, while the American people still live on this island.

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