United States Travel Advisories for India Pakistan: Updated United States Travel Advisories to Citizens of India Pakistan Bangladesh Afghanistan Terrorism Warning – India-Pakistan Border Administration

The Joe Biden administration of the United States has issued a travel advisory for its citizens to reconsider their travel plans to India, Pakistan and Bangladesh in the wake of the Kovid-19 outbreak and terrorism. Regarding India, the US State Department said that cases of the corona virus in India are steadily decreasing, but India still falls to Level 4, which is the worst in terms of travel. He said there was a danger of death at the Indo-Pakistan border, so American citizens should not go there.

Not only that, for Indians coming to America over two years of age, testing negative for the corona virus within three days from the date of travel has been made necessary. The Foreign Ministry also called on citizens not to visit Afghanistan. The US State Department issued separate travel advisories on Monday, updating travel advisories for the four South Asian countries. The consultation said, “Kovid-19, due to terrorism and ethnic violence, people should reconsider their plans to go to Pakistan.”

“ Said to avoid going to the Indo-Pakistan border ”
At the same time, the consultation urged US citizens not to visit Balochistan and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa provinces due to the terrorism and kidnapping incidents. Citizens were urged to refrain from visiting the “Indo-Pakistan border areas along the Line of Control” due to the possibility of terrorism and possible conflicts. He said, “Don’t go to the Indo-Pakistan border areas. Terrorist groups are active in this area. India and Pakistan have a strong military presence on both sides of the border. There is often shooting and bombardment on both sides of the line of control between the military forces of India and Pakistan.

Besides Pakistan, the United States has also called on citizens to reconsider their travel plans to Bangladesh due to the Kovid-19 outbreak and incidents of crime, terrorism and kidnapping. At the same time, during another consultation, Kovid-19 called against visiting Afghanistan due to crime, terrorism, unrest, kidnappings and armed conflict. The consultation indicates that not all parts of Afghanistan are safe in terms of travel. US President Joe Biden has once again imposed a travel ban on passengers from Brazil, Ireland, Britain and other European countries. South Africa was also included in the list of those banned countries due to the threat of new forms of the virus.

Indian Tourism and Hospitality Union urges Indian government
America has placed India at level 4. Countries ranked at level 4 fall under the category of “not traveling” advice. On the other hand, the Indian Tourism and Hospitality Association (FAITH) has urged the Indian government to pressure the US government to change the travel advisory. Faith said the government should prioritize it so that the negative image created on the country can be stopped. Faith said that at present the tourism industry is going through a serious crisis due to the Corona outbreak and this industry will soon resume operations in India.

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