United States withdraws Patriot and THAAD anti-missile batteries from Middle East, Saudi Arabia report says

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America has stepped up war preparations to face the challenge of China and Russia, America is withdrawing 8 Patriot anti-missile systems from Gulf countries, not only that America is withdrawing the THAAD system deployed in Saudi Arabia
America has stepped up preparations for war to meet the challenge from China and Russia. America is withdrawing 8 Patriot anti-missile systems from Gulf countries, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Kuwait and Jordan. Not only that, America is also withdrawing the very powerful THAAD system deployed to deal with the Houthi rebel missile attack in Saudi Arabia. In addition, the number of combat aircraft deployed in this area is also reduced.

According to the American newspaper Wallstreet Journal, this change of position of the Biden administration came after the reduction of tensions in the Gulf countries and the Saudi Arabia-Iran talks and the shift in America’s strategic imperative. The Biden administration made this decision at a time when the American campaign from Afghanistan is also ending. For this reason, troops and weapons are reduced from this area.

Most weapons withdrawn from Saudi Arabia
The Biden administration now wants to concentrate its forces on China, which has emerged as its main rival on the issue of national security. The United States has begun to ease tensions with Iran and is seeking to renegotiate the international nuclear deal. For this reason, the US Department of Defense estimates that the risk of war in the Gulf countries has decreased. On the other hand, Saudi Arabia itself has stepped up its security against the Houthi rebels.

America is now negotiating with Russia. Recently, Russian President Putin and Biden spoke for 3 hours. For this reason, Russia’s threat to America now appears to be diminishing. America also wants to reduce the number of its Iraqi troops. US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin briefed Saudi Prince Mohammed bin Salman on the latest changes. Most of the weapons have been withdrawn from Saudi Arabia.

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