United We asked ERC and More Country for a protest vote against the Zerolo law


Updated: Wednesday, February 17, 2021 12:44 PM

Posted: 02/17/2021 10:34 AM

United We demanded an abstention as a “dissenting vote” from parliamentary partners in the coalition government such as ERC or More Country in the face of the so-called “Zerolo law”, the bill on equal treatment presented by the group socialist in Congress. Even People’s Party sources confirm that they have also received calls from the purple people to inquire about their voting skills, when this is unusual, but not to ask them to change their position.

ERC acknowledges the calls, but Republican sources say they refused to change their voting direction – they voted for – because they don’t want to “whitewash” the coalition’s disputes over an issue as serious as the equality of the vote. treatment.

From UP, they confirm that the ERC was called in, although they rule out that it was to pressure Republicans but to inquire about their position. In fact, they claim that ERC also contacted the purples.

On the side of Más País, the formation of Iñigo Errejón, party sources have also confirmed the existence of calls not to support the treatment of the law.

According to parliamentary sources from LaSexta, the purple formation wanted to “overturn” the text because it considered it “a disaster”.

United We Can deputies abstained on Tuesday afternoon in the parliamentary procedure because the PSOE presented its project without having the opinion of the Ministry of Equality, headed by Irene Montero. The procedure continued, with the abstention of the UP and the PP and the negative vote of Vox.

Yesterday was the first time that the coalition executive partners have so clearly exposed their internal friction in the chamber and sources from the Socialist parliamentary group expressed to LaSexta deep unease over the abstention from Podemos, because it is the first time that the two parties do not support each other. “They opened this door,” they warn from the PSOE.

In this regard, and since yesterday, socialist sources have confirmed to LaSexta that Vice-President Iglesias was not applauded at today’s screening for “fatigue and indifference”. Further, for those parliamentary group voices, it shows United We Can “pseudo-leadership” among government partners in Congress, but claiming autonomy.

In front of the media in Congress, the First Vice-President and former Minister of Equality, Carmen Calvo, assured that “everyone is responsible for the consistency of his speech in front of his electorate”.

For the purple formation, the standard, invented by the socialists under the name of “Zerolo law” in homage to the late socialist historian Pedro Zerolo, is a “lukewarm” law which “loses the opportunity to be a vaccine against hatred” . Pablo Iglesias’ party also accuses the PSOE of having presented it “unilaterally” and even claims to have discovered it via social networks.

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