United We can ask Congress to investigate payment for King Emeritus’ private flights


Publication: Friday, March 5, 2021 1:51 PM

The parliamentary group of Unidas Podemos recorded this Friday a commission of inquiry into the allegations of irregularities committed by the King Emeritus in connection with the rental and payment, by the Zagatka Foundation, of private flights after his abdication.

This was confirmed by sources from the Violet Formation at LaSexta, whose proposal will have the support of nine other political groups: ERC, PNV, JxCat, PDeCat, Bildu, BNG, Más País, Compromis and CUP.

In this sense, the UP justifies this commission by invoking “the indisputable public interest of regularization” and the obligation of Congress to “shed light on any shadow of corruption”.

“For the confederal group, these tax regularization initiatives had already published the existence of opaque funds, especially those which provoke actions after the abdication”, they write from the training.

At the same time, they point out that these payments “could involve confession of crimes against the public treasury, which are not covered by the privilege of inviolability”.

Last February, King Emeritus Juan Carlos I made a payment of more than four million euros to the Treasury, in which it was the second process of tax regularization after last December, he had paid 678,393 euros to the tax entity.

This payment was made for the donation of a private jet trip worth at least eight million euros. Some flights paid for by the Zagatka Foundation, owned by his distant cousin Álvaro de Orleans.

The Treasury asks Juan Carlos for the theft bill

As part of this regularization, the tax administration asked Juan Carlos I to provide new documentation on the cost of these private flights. The purpose of this request is to verify the veracity and validity of said regularization. Thus, sources of the Treasury indicate to LaSexta that this procedure is part of the investigation, which is underway.

Likewise, sources close to Álvaro de Orleans also reported to this outlet that the king himself had asked the director of the Zagatka Foundation for documents on the trips he was paid for. Even so, they point out that this is a “normal” step in verifying this type of regularization.

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