United We can ask for a commission of inquiry on the “ black ” cards of the King Emeritus

Updated: Friday, December 11, 2020 1:05 PM

Published on: 12.11.2020 11:40

United We Can demanded the creation of a commission of inquiry in Congress into the expenses of opaque cards of the king emeritus for which Juan Carlos I had to regularize his tax situation.

As his parliamentary spokesperson, Pablo Echenique, assured him, when he deals with the events that took place after the abdication, he understands that the king’s “inviolability” is not in force, so that “the Bureau Congress has no possible excuse to block “a commission of inquiry about.

With these words, Echenique calls for support for the initiative of the PSOE, his government partner, since the Bureau of the Congress is made up of nine members, three of whom are Socialists, three from United We Can, two from the PP and one from Vox.

According to PSOE sources confirmed to LaSexta, United We Can spokesperson briefed Adriana Lastra on the move at 10:30 a.m. this morning, just 10 minutes before it was made public via Twitter, although they did not. are not expressed. about your location.

So far, the PSOE has opposed the demands of the monarchy inquiry commissions, two of them registered in this legislature by its partners.

On this occasion, Unidos Podemos asks Congress to investigate the question of whether “Mr. Juan Carlos de Borbón and Sofía de Grecia, as indicated by the actions taken by the anti-corruption prosecution, have used opaque cards with accounts located abroad between 2016 and 2018 “and if by them” abundant sums of money would have been paid at his own expense and those of other members of the royal family “.

United We can specify in his text that according to the investigations opened by the anti-corruption prosecution, now in the hands of the prosecution of the Supreme Court, it is excluded that the current monarch and his daughters are involved in the use of opaque cards by the emeritus and his family, so “obviously they would also be excluded from the investigation of the parliamentary commission of inquiry.”

ERC, JxCAT, Más País, Bildu, CUP, Compromís and BNG request investigation

Along with United We Can, seven other parties made another joint request for the establishment of a commission of inquiry into the opaque accounts of King Juan Carlos and requested the appearance of the Minister of Finance to explain the modalities of the king’s regularization. .

ERC, JxCAT, Más País, Bildu, CUP, Compromís and BNG have presented a document to Congress to investigate “the conspiracy related to the alleged irregularities committed by members of the Royal House and to political, diplomatic and commercial influences with Arabia Arabia “.

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