United We can ask for total forgiveness for Pablo Hasél by urgent means

Updated: Thursday, February 18, 2021 7:24 PM

Published on: 02/18/2021 19:23

United We Can submitted the request for total pardon to Pablo Hasél before the Justice Ministry, which they urgently want to see decided. Likewise, they want a pardon for Valtònyc, another Catalan rapper who was sentenced by the Supreme Court in 2017 to prison for, among other crimes, that of slander and serious insults to the king and extolling terrorism, and that do I know.

The training directed by Pablo Iglesias calls for “the remission of all the sentences to which he had been sentenced and which he had not yet completed”, considering that there are in favor of the two rappers “reasons of justice, d equity or public utility since they are unjustly convicted of crimes that violate the right to freedom of expression, in accordance with human rights standards. ”

The party indicates in its letter that “the pardon is the way in which the current legislation proposes to the government to act before the social conviction that the sentences are unjust”. Precisely, for two days now, a multitude of people have been mobilizing in different regions of Spain to protest against the imprisonment of Hasel and to demand his freedom.

During these protests, there were numerous altercations and disturbances, on which United We Can avoided speaking out by condemning the violence of these acts. Specifically, the co-spokesperson for the purple formation, Rafael Mayoral, avoided explicitly condemning what happened yesterday and assured that a process of “deepening democracy” was necessary in Spain.

For his part, the parliamentary spokesperson for United We Can, Pablo Echenique, showed through social networks his “support for young anti-fascists who demand justice and freedom of expression in the street” and asked that “the responsibilities be purged “. for the loss of a protester’s eye during Tuesday’s protests in Catalonia.

Ciudadanos and the Popular Party took advantage of the riot debate to call on Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez to fire Pablo Iglesias for failing to denounce the riots and for “encouraging” the protests.

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