United We can denounce that Congress “laughs at the citizens” for rejecting the King Emeritus inquiry

Posted: Tuesday, December 15, 2020 1:22 PM

United We Can MP Gerardo Pisarello denounced that Congress “is making fun of the citizens” by blocking for the fifth time a commission of inquiry to the King Emeritus, this time on the ‘black’ cards of Juan Carlos I: “The new refusal amazed us.”

Pisarello, who is the first secretary of the Congress Bureau, assured that “there was no legal argument” against during the meeting, but that it is a “political refusal”.

“In our opinion, this degrades Congress, it means laughing in the face of the public and it means treating Spain not as a parliamentary monarchy, but as an absolute monarchy,” said MP Violet.

The report of the attorneys of Congress known in recent hours considers that a commission of inquiry into members of the royal family is not constitutional, since Congress cannot control the monarchy. But from United, we can believe that is not the case since the Supreme Prosecutor’s Office considers that it may be because these alleged crimes were committed after his abdication.

“The stories of Juan Carlos I de Borbón have become a crater that does not stop emitting toxic and radioactive materials, which corrode everything around,” Pisarello said.

More Country proposes new Crown law

Más País, for his part, has chosen to re-introduce a law on Crown liability where the limits of inviolability are clearly established.

“The possibility that the King Emeritus has incurred in corruption cases is not a personal matter, it has to do with the opacity and the impossibility of transparency and control by the Crown”, declared the chief of Más País, Íñigo Errejón, who also supported these commissions of inquiry.

Compromis deputy Joan Baldoví insisted on the need to define the limits of the king’s inviolability: “Do we assume that this is part of the inviolability? You have to identify exactly what it is”, a- he assured.

MPs already recorded this bill in September, although they are now doing it again due to new information on the king and spending with opaque cards.

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