United We Can, More Country and Left Nationalists Record New Commission of Inquiry into King Emeritus with His “After Abdication” Finances

Publication: Friday, December 18, 2020 2:26 PM

Unidos Podemos, ERC, EH-Bildu, Más País, Compromís, CUP and BNG recorded this Friday a new commission of inquiry in Congress into the “ black ” cards of the King Emeritus, limiting its scope to everything that s’ passed after his abdication.

The groups thus hope to circumvent the inviolability of Juan Carlos I, by establishing the limit to the acts which occurred when he was no longer king and which were only measured in the Supreme Court.

As they argue in the registered letter to Congress, the Office of the Prosecutor already sees evidence of a crime and alludes to Article 76 of the Constitution and the Rules of the Lower House which establish that “commissions of inquiry may be created for matters of public interest ”.

In addition, the authors recall other cases in which commissions of inquiry into personal civil service matters have been approved and refer to constitutional decisions in which it is said that inviolability must be interpreted in an evolutionary manner. , always taking into account “social awareness and place”.

According to the groups’ approach, they want this commission to last six months.

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