United We Can Won’t Support New Housing Law If It Does Not Include Regulation Of Rental Prices

Updated: Monday, February 22, 2021 8:39 PM

Published on: 02/22/2021 20:23

The draft of the future housing law continues to generate friction between members of the executive, with the main obstacle of rent regulation. Those of United We can remind the PSOE that the two parties accepted it in their government pact.

As laSexta has learned, Unidos Podemos will not support, neither in the Council of Ministers nor in Congress, any news if it does not include this regulation of rental prices, as they signed.

The debate between partners was fueled after the Minister of Transport, José Luis Ábalos, who leads the negotiations with Pablo Iglesias, affirmed that the position of the PSOE is one of incentives for owners and social rent. In fact, Ábalos himself confirmed that in terms of “price intervention”, the two formations have “two different conceptions”.

“It seems to us that it is much more positive to encourage than not to penalize, and it seems important to us to bring houses back to the market and that there are incentives,” Ábalos defended at a conference. Press.

United We were able to react quickly to these statements. Ione Belarra, Secretary of State, recalled that “the agreement is binding”, and insists the Socialists on the fact that the two formations have agreed to use the new law on housing to regulate the control of rental income, c that is to say, limit its price.

In the coalition government deal, the PSOE and United We can agree to promote “the regulatory measures necessary to cap abusive increases” in rents and allow municipalities and communities to “regulate abusive increases in rent prices in areas previously declared, “and in the budget agreement, the two formations agreed” to regulate the limitation of rental income in the housing law.

ERC and Bildu demand urgent appearance of Ábalos

Not only have United We Can put themselves on a war footing, but other partners of Pedro Sánchez have chosen to ask for explanations from the Minister of Urban Agenda. This is the case of ERC and EH Bildu, which registered in Congress the request for urgent appearance of Minister Ábalos for his remarks.

These groups join the critical voices of Podemos who recall that this change of opinion is a “flagrant violation” of what was signed between the two coalition partners.

Gabriel Rufián and Oskar Matute, ERC and Bildu MPs respectively, used their Twitter profiles to announce their actions. “Giving more guarantees to people in order to have decent housing is the least one can ask of those who brag about progressivism,” said Matute.

At the same time, Rufían asks “for explanations before the umpteenth attempt to violate the PSOE”. “What is the use of protecting people against a virus if not you protect them from the misery and precariousness that this will cause?”, Added the Republican deputy.

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