Universal printing also improves with Windows 11

Following the announcement of Windows 11, Microsoft employees also wanted to show the news of Universal Printing. This function arises from the need to be able to access reprographic resources from anywhere. For that, you had to use VPN for Windows before and now it’s easier, although it is still valid.

Universal Printing is a modern printing solution that businesses can use to manage their printing infrastructure through Microsoft’s serverless cloud services. Since the release of Windows 10, version 1903, a new universal print driver has been introduced. The advantage of this driver is that it is no longer necessary to have printer drivers on desktop computers. There is one driver to rule them all.

Universal printing is subject to a valid Microsoft 365 for business subscription. This is why this solution will not be valid for everyone but it is very interesting. Let’s see the news that they incorporated.

Windows 11 will also improve universal printing

Windows 11 also improves the user experience in several ways. The first is to adapt the experience to make it similar to the Windows 11 experience. So the two solutions go hand in hand and connect to each other.

In addition, they have added environmentally friendly features in Universal Printing. The ability to include a PIN code has been added to a print job, so the job will not print until the user enters the same PIN code at the printer. This is one more reason to upgrade your existing printer to Universal Print Ready firmware, if available.

Some will see it as increased security, but most of us see it as a feature that will reduce paper and toner waste and give users some privacy when printing. Print jobs will not be wasted in the printer. This feature is also coming to Windows 10, version 21H2, which will be released later this year.

Microsoft integrates the Print Support Application (PSA)

With Windows 11, support for the Print Support Application (PSA) is included in Windows. Windows includes a printer class driver based on the Mopria standard printing protocol. This allows for a simple, hassle-free printing experience and eliminates the need for users to install additional software or custom drivers to connect and print to their Mopria-certified printers. The Windows 11 Universal Print Driver can be extended by printer manufacturers or Managed Printing Software (MPS) solutions with additional custom features and workflows by posting a public service announcement on the Microsoft Store.

These UWP apps are not controllers and run in the context of the user. When installed on the user’s Windows 11 device, the PSA can run in the background to process print jobs for the corresponding printer or it can provide an advanced print user interface to process scenarios such as:

Custom advanced finishing options specific to the printer. Add accounting and workflow information. Add watermark (optional or forced)

Finally, Microsoft has confirmed that PSA will also come on Windows 10 21H2 so as not to differ from Windows 11. Thus, maximum compatibility is always offered for computers that cannot update.

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