Universities will establish degrees in four years and end with Wert’s 3 + 2 model

Published: Tuesday, March 2, 2021 11:36

The Ministry of Universities will abolish the three-year courses, which so far have been linked to two more years of a master’s degree. Thus, according to the draft of the new royal decree, finalized by the department headed by Manuel Castells, all diplomas (except those which must be longer, such as certain technical or health careers), must last four years.

With this new plan, the government plans to end the 3 + 2 model implemented by the former PP minister, José Ignacio Wert. In this sense, the ministry explained that the actions which make up this new decree “aim to improve quality, to accelerate the procedures for the evaluation of diplomas, as well as to modernize and innovate university education”.

More precisely, the universities underlined that the basic structure of the academic offer, currently in force, configured in three stages (license, master and doctorate) is maintained and confirms that the diplomas are of 240 credits, with the sole exception of those of the European guidelines. must be 300 or 360 credits. In other words, certain careers in the field of health and technology (such as medicine or pharmacy and some engineering professions).

Regarding the essential structure of the Spanish university model, the entity specifies that it is made up of degrees of 240 credits; Masters of 60, 90 and 120 credits; and the doctorate, which is accessed after having exceeded 300 credits in the two previous stages of training.

On the other hand, universities can offer undergraduate programs with an open academic route, which will allow students to take subjects from different careers as long as they belong to the same field of knowledge.

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