University of Madrid students have to take a double test to go and return home at Christmas

Posted: Thursday, November 26, 2020 1:35 PM

Madrid wishes a “safe Christmas” for university students who live in the community and return to their families on these dates. This is how Vice-President Ignacio Aguado spoke about the measures they intend to apply in such important parties. Aguado insists that they are studying a specific plan for these 80,000 university students in which it is envisaged to submit them to two tests, one to return home and the other to return to the residences. All this “before the end of the course”, according to the vice-president of Madrid.

In the same vein, the Minister of Health of the Community of Madrid took the floor. In the words to laSexta, Enrique Ruiz Escudero identified student residences as one of the places where there has been the most epidemics. “We will mark the strategy in this line (…) so that their departure when they go to other communities is in the most favorable epidemiological situation possible.”

The plan, which is being prepared by Madrid’s health ministry “will soon be presented to universities and public opinion,” Aguado said.

However, both stress that with this strategy, they want to reach as many people as possible, in accordance with their idea of ​​taking pharmacy tests. “We are persecuting to test not only them, but all Madrileños because we believe this is the way to ensure security. It is the key to reducing the contagion curve and reaching the maximum possible is our goal “.

Regarding Madrid’s plan for Christmas, Aguado confirmed today that he is sticking to his proposal for meetings with a maximum of 10 people and extending the curfew to 1.30am. “The proposal is firm and is still there as a formal request. We have been for two months now with the aim of saving Christmas in Madrid both in health and human terms, and not to see each other only on Skype, but also in the economic aspect allowing traders. a minimal campaign “.

From the central government, it has been proposed that university students returning home for the holidays limit social interactions in the previous days and take extreme preventive measures.

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