Unmanned aerial combat vehicle: UCAV Arrow Worlds First unmanned unmanned aerial combat vehicle drone: The world’s first unmanned aerial combat supersonic drone

Kelly Aerospace of Singapore has launched the world’s first Supersonic Unmanned Combat Air Vehicle (UCAV). It costs $ 16 million or Rs 117 crore. The jet is called Arrow and can fly faster than the speed of sound. It can hold Mach 2.1 or 2593 km / h.

During its launch, Ian Lim, CEO of Kelly Aerospace, said drones are never known for their speed. The speed and range interruption was overcome with the Arrow supersonic drone.

The enemy six can fly like this
UCAV has a low radar cross section and infrared signature. It is designed to be used for combat or reiki. It can also be used to roam disputed territories or missiles, to counter enemy combatants or to jam their communications equipment. Its maximum takeoff weight can be 16,000,800 kg and it can travel over 4,800 km.

More than 100 orders have arrived
Many Arrow drones can be controlled with a pilot fighter plane, allowing them to perform many tasks on the battlefield. They can also be controlled remotely from the ground station. These drones consist of a carbon fiber shell. They can also fly in drone swarms or formations. They are commonly used to disrupt the enemy air defense system. Kelly Aerospace claims to have already received more than 100 pre-orders.

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