unmanned aerial vehicle: China J-16 Fighter Jet will fly with unmanned artificial intelligence

Defense experts have finally solved the mystery of the J-16 Flanker fighter jet recently seen among China’s drone forces. It is claimed that these days China is testing the use of artificial intelligence in fighter jets. If this experiment is successful, the J-16 fighter jet will be used as an unmanned aerial vehicle in the coming days. This will reduce the risk of life of pilots during the war, and also significantly increase air capacity.

Fighter plane flying in China with AI technology?
America is also blown away by this expert opportunity. So far, no country in the world has the power to fly fighter jets using artificial intelligence. However, the United States and Russia have been testing this technology since last year. The United States is leading the Skyborg artificial intelligence program. The program focuses on linking unmanned combat aircraft with advanced autonomous capabilities.
The fighter plane was seen in the photo taken on June 1
On June 1, 2021, a Planet Labs satellite captured a photo of a fighter jet with drones at a secret test site near Malan in China’s Xinjiang Province. This photo shows a range of various drones tested at the base. Each drone seen in this photo has already been identified. These drones are stationed near a huge hangar of unmanned aircraft. This hangar is built on the west side of the air base.
What is the fighter plane doing among the drones?
The thing that caught people’s attention the most in this photo was a fighter plane present among the drones. This fighter plane has been identified as the J-16 Flanker. Chinese fighters often come to this air base for training. But, never before has a manned fighter plane been seen alongside unmanned aircraft, that is, drones.

Know the two possibilities of defense experts
Experts said in the first possibility that China could train to fly fighter jets with drones. In this, the drone is launched from the air by placing it in the fighter plane. With the help of which the fighter plane can destroy this place with the help of a drone without entering enemy airspace. The second possibility has been raised that preparations are underway to fly this Chinese fighter plane equipped with artificial intelligence. This will help keep fighter pilots away from enemy territory during the war.

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