UNSC meeting on Afghanistan: India does not invite Pakistan to UNSC meeting on Afghanistan

Pakistan lambasted India for not being invited to the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) meeting on the deteriorating situation in Afghanistan. In fact, India currently chairs the most powerful body in the world, the UNSC. In such a situation, no country other than the member countries can participate in the meeting of the UNSC without the consent of India. On this matter, Pakistan, furious, began to teach India the rules and regulations of the council. The meeting was held Friday evening under the chairmanship of India.

I said I don’t expect fairness from India
Shortly after this meeting, Pakistan’s Permanent Representative to the United Nations, Munir Ahmed, began to criticize India in the media. He said India deliberately did not give Pakistan the opportunity to speak at the United Nations Security Council meeting. He told the United Nations headquarters in New York that we had made a formal request to participate, but it was refused. Obviously, we do not expect impartiality from the Indian President for Pakistan.

Afghanistan rained on Pakistan in UN Security Council, said stop helping Taliban immediately
Security Council rules “explained”
Akram said that not inviting Pakistan to the Security Council meeting on Afghanistan is a violation of Security Council rules. He even announced that Pakistan’s full statement would be sent to UNSC members. He said that after the successful operations of the Pakistani military in Waziristan and other areas, there was no refuge for terrorists and the border fence to prevent cross-border movement is now over at 97 feet.

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Welcomed Imran’s “reflection” on Afghanistan
The Pakistani envoy said Prime Minister Imran Khan had always called for a political solution as the only way to restore lasting peace and security in Afghanistan. Pakistan therefore welcomed the international consensus that has emerged that the best way to achieve peace and stability is through a negotiated political settlement between the parties to the conflict.

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What did the Afghan ambassador say about Pakistan?
Afghanistan’s permanent representative to the United Nations Ghulam M Isakzai said the situation in Afghanistan was deteriorating rapidly. The Taliban have launched a brutal military conflict in violation of the Doha agreement. He also said the Taliban was getting help from foreign boys. He exposed the Taliban’s relations with Pakistan on the platform of the world’s most powerful organization.

Pakistan not only sent terrorists to aid the Taliban, the aim is to attack Indian properties in Afghanistan
UN unmasks Taliban-Pakistan relations
Isakzai said Taliban fighters were being treated in Pakistani hospitals. He also reported incidents of fundraising for the Taliban in Pakistan. The Afghan envoy has made it clear that we urge Pakistan to withdraw the Taliban supply line. Earlier, Afghan Vice President Amrullah Saleh spoke on several occasions about Pakistani aid to the Taliban.

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who attended the meeting
This meeting of the United Nations Security Council was held Friday evening Indian time. India chaired this meeting. America, China, Britain, France, Ireland, Vietnam, Russia, Mexico, Niger, Estonia and Norway, who attended the meeting, expressed deep concern in the face of the ongoing violence in Afghanistan. At the meeting, the permanent representative of Afghanistan, Ghulam M Isakzai, said that Taliban fighters were being treated in Pakistani hospitals. He also reported incidents of fundraising for the Taliban in Pakistan.

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