UNSC Meeting on Afghanistan: Pakistan to Stop Helping Taliban, Afghanistan Says at UNSC Meeting:

The echo of the Pakistani-Taliban alliance is now also being heard on the United Nations platform. During the United Nations Security Council meeting convened to discuss the current situation in Afghanistan, Afghanistan openly targeted Pakistan. All member countries involved in this meeting criticized the Taliban with one voice and called for an end to the violence. All countries declared that the occupation of Afghanistan by force would not be acceptable.

Afghan envoy recounts Taliban brutality
Afghanistan’s permanent representative to the United Nations Ghulam M Isakzai said the situation in Afghanistan was deteriorating rapidly. The Taliban have launched a brutal military conflict in violation of the Doha agreement. He also said the Taliban was getting help from foreign boys. He exposed the Taliban’s relations with Pakistan on the platform of the world’s most powerful organization.

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UN unmasks Taliban-Pakistan relations
Isakzai said Taliban fighters were being treated in Pakistani hospitals. He also reported incidents of fundraising for the Taliban in Pakistan. The Afghan envoy has made it clear that we urge Pakistan to withdraw the Taliban supply line. Earlier, Afghan Vice President Amrullah Saleh spoke on several occasions about Pakistani aid to the Taliban.

Afghan vice president slammed Taliban-Pakistan alliance, said – we know where the guns come from
These countries participated in the meeting
India chaired this meeting of the United Nations Security Council. America, China, Britain, France, Ireland, Vietnam, Russia, Mexico, Niger, Estonia and Norway, who attended the meeting, expressed deep concern in the face of the ongoing violence in Afghanistan. On the other hand, China held the United States responsible for the ongoing violence in Afghanistan during this meeting. China’s permanent representative said that the model of military solution in Afghanistan has failed.

Pakistan not only sent terrorists to aid the Taliban, the aim is to attack Indian properties in Afghanistan
Afghan vice president made serious allegations against Pakistan
Afghan Vice President Amrullah Saleh accused Pakistan of supplying banned explosives and weapons to the Taliban. Saleh openly took the name Pakistan and said he was supplying ammonium nitrate to Afghanistan. The Taliban are using it to kill our innocent Afghan civilians.

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Pakistan sends ammonium nitrate to Pakistan
Amrullah Saleh had said that Pakistan was sending ammonium nitrate to our country. It is the only country in the world that supplies explosives like ammonium nitrate to another country. He wondered why the embassy of Western countries expelled thousands of citizens from our countries? He said this because he was afraid of killing himself. Thanks to Pakistan’s help, to the investment of other countries, to their people, to the lives of our people, everything is in danger.

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Taliban training center in Karachi
Amrullah Saleh had claimed that Taliban terrorists were maintaining shelters in Karachi, Pakistan. There is a training center for the Taliban, where terrorists are trained. Not only that, he also said that the Taliban are also running terrorist fundraising campaigns and madrasas in Karachi. He said the Taliban would lose their advantage in a matter of weeks if supplies to the Pakistani military and ISI were cut off.

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