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Posted: Friday December 4 2020 09:32

Since midnight, the entire Community of Madrid has been confined to the perimeter. A closure that will last 10 days, covering the entire Constitution Bridge, until 00:00 on December 14.

The regional executive announced the decision two weeks ago, given the predicted increase in travel during a bridge marked by Christmas shopping. To monitor compliance, the Government Delegation has deployed 7,000 agents.

In this way, it is planned to limit the mobility and transmission of the coronavirus, to “arrive in the best conditions for Christmas”, as explained by the Deputy Minister of Public Health and the COVID-19 Plan, Antonio Zapatero.

A measure that almost all the other autonomies have also opted for for the next holidays (you can check which regions are in closed perimeter on this map).

We ask the people of Madrid not to make unnecessary trips and avoid the crowds “

This Friday, with the closure of the perimeter already in effect, the deputy councilor indicated that “this December bridge is a magnificent opportunity to comply with safety rules”. For this reason, he asked the people of Madrid “not to make unnecessary trips and, above all, to avoid crowds”.

Mobility restrictions

Despite the fact that in Todos los Santos and Almudena Madrid it only closed on public holidays, this time it extended the closure by 10 days, beyond the December public holiday itself.

The decree which restricts the entry and exit of people from the territory of the Community over the coming days establishes as exceptions the movements justified by one of the following reasons:

Go to health centers Go to work or fulfill institutional or legal obligations Go to university, college or nursery school Return to the place of usual or family residence Assist and care for the elderly, minors, dependents, disabled or particularly vulnerable Go to the bank, insurance entities or service stations in border areas For required or urgent actions before public, judicial or notarial bodies Renew permits and official documents, as well as other administrative procedures non-postponable Carry out official examinations or tests that cannot be postponed Due to force majeure or a situation of need For any other similar activity, duly accredited

You can consult the full text of the decree imposing the closure of the perimeter here, published in the Official Journal of the Community of Madrid (BOCM):

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