Up to 94 people under 60 vaccinated “by mistake” with AstraZeneca in Cáceres

Updated: Thursday May 13, 2021 8:51 PM

Published on: 05/13.2021 20:50

A total of 94 people, all considered essential workers, were vaccinated “by mistake” with AstraZeneca in Cáceres, when they were under 60, instead of Moderna, as planned. It was police, firefighters and civil guards who received this vaccine yesterday at the Palacio de Congresos in Cáceres despite the fact that the protocol prohibits its administration to children under the age of 60, the Extremadura health service (SES) has therefore already informed the Ministry of Health. Health and those affected themselves, as confirmed by the head of the Cáceres health zone, David Zambrano, who opened an investigation.

Zambrano avoided talking about human error “because an investigation has been opened and it is not clear what could have gone wrong”, although he admitted that when he contacted those affected, “he It may have been transferred to them that it was human error. ” Zambrano, apologized for the isolated incident and said the SES will monitor those affected “for at least a week” and notify them if they need to receive a second dose with the same vaccine.

According to the official, these are the same professionals who became aware of this incident when they checked the vials, which prevented more people from being affected among the aforementioned users, since 1,500 people were vaccinated yesterday in Cáceres, according to SES data. Zambrano appealed for calm because “many of those affected will have colleagues of similar profession and age who were vaccinated with AstraZeneca” before the protocol change, from users who “more than a month ago received the first dose and reaction of any kind. ”

The director insisted that the data sheet for the vaccine itself establish that it can be given to people over 18, although for a month the ministry banned its use in children under 60. , but the SES will bear all the consequences, “said Zambrano, who added that at the moment” they are all fine, they have been contacted by phone and have been given indications of the type of symptoms they might notice “. According to data provided by the official, in Extremadura a total of 37,864 people under the age of 60 were vaccinated with AstraZeneca before the protocol change “and did not experience any adverse reactions” and are now awaiting their second dose. ”

In addition, he stressed that “there are countries like England or Israel where 90% of their population has received AstraZeneca”. EFE The Independent Central Union and Civil Servants (CSIF), the most representative union of public administrations in Extremadura, has asked the Extremadura Health Service (SES) for specific follow-up for public officials under the age of 60 who have been vaccinated by mistake. The CSIF demands transparency and clear information on this process and demands an official and immediate clarification of what happened, and although it specifies that it does not intend to create a social alarm and that he is aware that caution is necessary, he assures that “there are worries, worry and even fear” among the essential public officials vaccinated.

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