Upanishad on Walls Viral images: Upanishad on Walls Viral images University of Poland Twitter: Upanishad Viral images at University of Poland

Glimpses of Indian culture can be seen abroad, but in Poland it’s a different sight. Here the Upanishads are written on the walls of the University of Warsaw library. Her photo was shared by the Indian Embassy on Twitter. People are quite surprised to see this and appreciate this movement.

The photo of the Warsaw University library wall in Warsaw, the capital of Poland, was shared by the Indian Embassy on Twitter. In this, verses from the Upanishads are seen written on the wall. Seeing this photo has gone viral on social media.

Sharing the photo, the embassy wrote: “What a beautiful sight !! It is the wall of the University of Warsaw Library with the Upanishads written on it. The Upanishads are the verses of Hindu philosophy written in Sanskrit from the Vedic period which laid the foundations of Hinduism. ‘ Upon seeing this image, Twitter users in India expressed their pride.

Someone wrote that it is a proud moment to be Indian, it is a good thing that Indian culture / Upanishads are welcomed openly in foreign countries. At the same time, someone wrote that now the world has started to take an interest in Indian culture.

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