Upcoming elections in Catalonia mark the start of the political year

Posted: Saturday, January 2, 2021 5:29 PM

First assessment of the PSOE on the general behavior of citizens during the holidays. The spokeswoman for the Minister, María Jesús Montero, celebrated this Saturday that they have passed so far “without there having been any circumstances to regret”, except “sporadic cases”, which “deserve all our conviction”.

The head of the Treasury launched an appeal for unity in 2021, the year for which she expressed the wish that “we can shoot” the coronavirus. “It is necessary that all those who want to help shape this future in 2021 bring a grain of sand, resulting from the unit. We do not have excess, on the contrary”, he assured.

Montero spoke thus at the beginning of a year marked politically by the elections in Catalonia on February 14 and the emergence of the still Minister of Health, Salvador Illa, as CPS candidate for the presidency of the Generalitat.

The first secretary of the CPS, Miquel Iceta, who in principle would be at the top of the electoral list, once again argued in an interview with “El Periódico”, that Illa was the best option. “Without a pandemic, would Salvador’s leadership and his level of knowledge be what it is? Probably not,” he admitted.

“We never choose the moments. What must be guaranteed is that when the train passes, we are ready to do whatever it takes. Get on or off,” defended Iceta, who also opens up the possibility to make a pact “with whoever”, as long as there is agreement on what the government should do.

“If you agree on what to do, you can agree with anyone,” he said in the aforementioned interview. A position that Ciudadanos criticized: the candidate of the orange formation, Carlos Carrizosa, responded to Iceta’s assertion by declaring that the PSC would agree “with anyone”, but also “to anyone. what price”.

For his part, the PP candidate, Alejandro Fernández, maintains that the Socialists intend to make a pact with the independence movement and accuses the head of Health of using the pandemic to promote himself.

“Salvador Illa does not come to Catalonia to defeat separatism, to defeat it at the polls. On the contrary, he agrees with them”, he said. “What concerns did this person have during management? It was all part of launching an election campaign,” he criticized.

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